Getting the visa process right is important from the very beginning, so it is sometimes worth getting professional advice. With the team at Estrin Saul Lawyers (one of Australia's largest immigration law firms), you are in safe hands; our immigration lawyers and agents provide you with clear and pragmatic advice from the start of the process to save you the unnecessary expense and delay of putting things right further down the line.


Pricing Estrin Saul Lawyers generally work on fixed fee agreements. Our fees depend on the complexity of your matter and the time involved. Our first step is usually an initial consultation with our lawyers and consist of:

  • a one hour meeting to discuss your situation;
  • a review of your case;
  • advice on your options;
  • a cost estimate of any further work that needs to be done.

A consultation generally costs $330 for standard matters of $440 for complex matters.

Following the consultation, Estrin Saul Lawyers will generally send you a fee estimate so you know what you are likely to spend.

Fee estimates

ServiceOur Professional Fees (excl. GST)*
Citizenshipfrom AUD 1,500
Citizenship (complex)from AUD 3,000
Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) 494 visafrom AUD 2,000
Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) 494 visa nominationfrom AUD 2,500
Employer Nomination Scheme visa (subclass 186)from AUD 4,400
Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visa (subclass 187)from AUD 4,400
Partner visafrom AUD 4,900
Visitor visa (post-refusal)from AUD 1,800
3 year exclusion period submissionfrom AUD 3,000
Protection visafrom AUD 8,000
s501 visa cancellation (character)from AUD 7,000
PIC4020 submissionfrom AUD 3.000
Response to s56 or s57 Request for More Informationfrom AUD 2,200
Consultation with Dr Gothard regarding visa health requirementAUD 440
Letter of advice regarding health costing (Dr Gothard)from AUD2,500
Health waiverfrom AUD 8,000
Administrative Appeals Tribunal (Migration Division)from AUD 8.000
Administrative Appeals Tribunal (Refugee Division)from AUD 9,000
Administrative Appeals Tribunal (character)from AUD 14,000
Federal Circuit Court (Review for prospects of success)from AUD 2,200
Federal Circuit Court appealsFederal Circuit Court appeals from AUD 8,000 (pro bono and financial hardship arrangements available upon request)
Federal Court appealsfrom AUD 9,000 (pro bono and financial hardship arrangements available upon request)
Response to NOITTAfrom AUD 4,500

*The above fees cover our firm’s professional fees only. There may be additional fees payable such as government lodgement fees and health and character clearance fees. These fee estimates are for standard applications only. Where your circumstances are more complex (or fall outside our standard scope of services), we will provide you with a tailored fee estimate.