About Us

Estrin Saul Lawyers are one of the few law firms in Western Australia specialising in immigration law.

We are modern and dynamic experts in our field and pride ourselves on clear, concise and competent solutions for your desired immigration outcomes. With 15 years’ experience in immigration law, we are well-placed to provide you with expert, yet practical immigration advice.

Should I choose a migration agent or an immigration lawyer?

Getting the visa process right is important from the very beginning, so it is sometimes worth getting professional advice. In Australia, only Registered Migration Agents can provide immigration assistance. With the team at Estrin Saul Lawyers, you are in safe hands knowing that we are not only Registered Migration Agents but also lawyers admitted to the Supreme Courts of several states.

Our immigration lawyers provide you with clear and pragmatic advice from the start of the process to save you the unnecessary expense and delay of putting things right further down the line.


When you seek advice from a migration agent who is also a lawyer, confidential communications are protected by “Legal Professional Privilege”, so you can speak freely and without fear of disclosure.

Are lawyers more expensive than migration agents?

In terms of fees, lawyers are not necessarily more expensive than migration agents. At Estrin Saul Lawyers, we generally work on a fixed fee basis meaning you will have a clear understanding of our charges at every step of the process.