Client Testimonial

“Needless to say, we are all so excited by the notification you received regarding the acceptance of [Applicant]’s character application and the overturning of the previous “intention to refuse”.

Congratulations! A job well done, and beyond that, because several people expressed certainty that [Applicant] would never be able to come to Australia. We always believed in [their] case because we know [them], but that does not guarantee anything when dealing with bureaucracy. I know there was much effort put into the appeal.

On a personal note, I know that [the Sponsor] always appreciated your care and your humanity. These are very highly charged emotional situations…

Our very sincere thanks.”  Client – section 501 character matter.


Jasmin Angel is a Lawyer/Immigration Adviser with Estrin Saul Lawyers. She has previously volunteered at The Humanitarian Group providing assistance at The Asylum Seeker Hub, and was a student law clerk at SCALES Community Legal Centre Human Rights Clinic.

Jasmin has a particular interest in partner, family and protection visas.


Recent cases:

1 March 2021 – Successful avoidance of client’s s109 visa cancellation

16 Nov 2020 – Successful at Administrative Appeals Tribunal (Partner visa – breakdown of relationship and Sch 3 waiver)

10 Nov 2020 – Successful visa cancellation revocation (section 501)

5 October 2020 – Successful s501 matter – visa not refused despite death sentence

5 February 2020 – Successfully argued against section 116 cancellation of a Resident Return Visa based on identity concerns



Academic Background

Murdoch University, Bachelor of Laws (2018)

Contact Details

P +61 (0)8 9485 0650

F +61 (0)8 9463 6464